Brake Line Assembly Fabricating

BrakeQuip manufactures Brake and Clutch Hoses in rubber and braided stainless to suit any type of vehicle. All Hoses comply with international safety standards and are pressure tested to 21,000kpa (3000psi).

BrakeQuip's revolutionary brake hose manufacturing system allows a hydraulic brake or clutch hose to be manufactured and tested to meet international safety standards, usually while the customer waits.

This system, which is available to the replacement parts industry, allows the operator to make a hydraulic brake or clutch hose to suit any motor vehicle, motorcycle, truck, four-wheel drive, forklift, tractor, crane, caravan or trailer.

This is achieved with very little inventory. So if brake hose prices and availability are causing you hassles, BrakeQuip has the SOLUTION!



 Very little training needed  Operation: Electric/Hydraulic
 Everything is preset - nothing to adjust  Voltage: 110V or 220V -50/60hz
 Very fast cycle times  Crimp DIes: (8) - Self-retracting, impregnated with ID #
 Consistent quality every time  Crimp Type: Bubble (double)
 Quick pressure testing of hoses  Crimp Cycle Time: 5 seconds
 Compact and portable - can be used in a mobile van  Test Pressure: 3000psi (21,000kpa)
 Convenient easy-reach work tray  Dimensions: 14" (355mm) wide x 19" (483mm) deep x 19 1/2 " (495mm) high
 Engineered to international quality standards  Weight: 128 lb. (58kg)
 Affordable  One-Year manufacturer's warranty

The BrakeQuip brake hose manufacturing system is AFFORDABLE and VIABLE even in small population centers. This concept improves the safety aspects of automotive braking.

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